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Web Hosting Services FAQ for InterKan.Net

Q: What version of PHP do you currently support?
A: The current PHP 7.3+ versions.

Q: What version of MySQL do you currently support?
A: Our servers support support 5.5.x series.

Q: What version of Perl do you support?
A: Our servers support 5.16.x series.

Q: Do you support FrontPage and FrontPage Extensions?
A: No, we do not. That is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Q: What software applications are included with your services?
A: See our feature comparison for a list, descriptions, and at which service level they are available.

Q: Do you support ASP or .Net?
A: Our default services are on Apache/Linux based servers. For special projects, we do have Microsoft / IIS-based servers available, contact us for more details as availability and pricing may differ.

Q: Where do I access my website statistics?
A: Use the URL address http://<my_site>/Admin/stats.

Q: Is my log file counted against my storage space?
A: No, we compress the logs daily and then remove them after three months.