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(785) 565-0991

Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design & Development with InterKan.Net

Q: What is a realistic price?
A: Every site is unique, which is why we do estimates, but below are some ballpark figures:

  • One-page websites typically start around $300;
  • Multi-page websites (new or redesign) start around $1000;
  • E-commerce sites with multiple products start around $1,500.

Q: What is a realistic time frame?
A: Typically 6-8 weeks, but that depends on the client. We rely greatly on the client for timely input and feedback to build the site.

Q: Can I update the finished website?
A: Yes, if needed we include options to allow you to easily update the site via web-based software. Together, we evaluate each situation and to help find the best solution for you.

Q: Who owns the website when you are finished?
A: You do. Including any source files and any custom software.

Q: Will you work with our existing agency, design firm, or in-house designers?
A: Yes, we will be more than glad to work with others to complete the job.

Q: Does InterKan.Net have to host our website?
A: No, you can have your site hosted most anywhere, but it may affect development costs and options, particularly for software integration and installation.

Q: Do you build search engine friendly websites?
A: Yes, we build all websites to the current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standard, which goes beyond simple META keywords and descriptions. How much additional effort is used depends on your market, goals, technology, and interest in natural (non-pay) search engine results/rankings.

Q: Can you help me with search engines?
A: Yes, we can help you optimize your content, develop links, banner ads, or establish pay-per-click advertising like Google AdWords.

Q: Do you provide traffic reports?
A: Yes, if you host your site with us, traffic reports are part of the service. However, if you host your website elsewhere, the hosting provider may or may not provide or allow it.

Q: How do I get started?
A: The first step in our process is to download and fill out our pdfquestionnaire. Then call (877) 565-0991 or email us to setup a meeting to start developing an estimate. During the initial meeting, we can often give you a ballpark cost.

Q: What are your hourly rates?
A: We bill by 15 minute increments at the following rates:

  • Content - $45
  • HTML / Graphics - $55
  • Multimedia / Programming - $75