Frequently Asked Questions

for email services provided by InterKan.Net

We also recommend reading our email policies for details.

Q: I can receive email, but I can't send. Why not?
A: If you see a error message that contains "relaying denied" then it is because outgoing mail servers (SMTP) requires authentication, see how-to for a setup example. The other reason may be that you need to use the alternative outgoing port 587 to get around your ISP's firewall (also best for smart phone, laptops, and tablets).

Q: What are the attachment size limits per message?
A: 20 MB for attachments per email; also see policies.

Note this does not mean an email with a 20MB attachment can be sent. When files are attached, they are converted to a text format. This conversion increases the file by ~35%; i.e., a 7MB attachment converts to 9.5MB.

For alternative delivery methods, search "email large file" as many web-based solutions are available to address this issue.

Q: What is the maximum # of recipients per message?
A: Maximum 50 recipients per email., also see policies.

If you have a larger list than 50, you need to look at an online email or group manager like the free services Google Groups and Yahoo! Groups or the professional grade ones like Constant Contact and AWeber.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: You may contact Technical Support at (785) 565-0991 during regular business hours.

Q: I accidentally deleted a message. Can you recover it for me?
A: Once the email is downloaded, it is removed from our server. If an email is deleted from your computer, check your deleted items (trash) folder. Otherwise, we cannot recover emails.

Q: Why do some email subjects begin with ***SPAM***?
A: This is part of our spam-fighting software. Most (~90%) of the spam is automatically deleted. However, the other 10% are messages the server is not 100% sure about, so it adds the ***SPAM*** to the subject. See policies for more.

Q: Does your mail server have an anti-virus?
A: Yes. It scans all incoming and outgoing mail through two different virus scanners. If a virus is detected, it is automatically deleted without notice.

Q: Error message “Unable to logon to server using Secure Password Authentication”.
A: Secure Password Authentication is not supported. Uncheck log on using Secure Password Authentication under your email program’s server settings. See our how-to for a setup example.