How to Set Up Apple Mail

for InterKan.Net POP3 & SMTP email services

You can use Apple Mail to send and receive your InterKan.Net or domain email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. If your first account, open the Apple Mail app, if not then go to Apple's Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> Add Account.
  2. In the list of account type options, select "Other" then "Add Mail Account".

    apple mail setup - step 01
  3. Enter your account information and press "Next."

    apple mail setup - step 02
  4. Select "POP" at the top of the next screen.

    apple mail setup - step 03
  5. Enter incoming and outgoing mail settings.

    apple mail setup - step 04
  6. Your account will verify & if you are using iOS 11.x or later then you can stop.
  7. If using a IOS 10.x or older, you likely need to adjust your outgoing mail settings starting in Apple's Settings.
  8. Select "Accounts & Passwords" and then the new account you just added.
  9. Then select "SMTP" under the OUTGOING MAIL SERVERS section.
  10. Under PRIMARY SERVER select ""
  11. Be sure the "Server" and "Use SSL" toggles are both on (green) and confirm the Server Port is set to 587.

    apple mail setup - step 10
  12. Click "Done."