Webmail FAQ for InterKan.Net

Q: I get kicked out back to the login after reading or writing a long e-mail!
A: Webmail has a 60-minute idle time, after which you must log in again.

Q: Where are the folders?
A: Folders are no longer supported, but there is no longer a separate webmail quota (mailboxes are still limited to 75 MB on the mail server, however).

Q: What happens when I delete an email from Webmail?
A: It is deleted from the mail server. There is no trash or recovery; deleting is permanent unless you have downloaded a copy to another device before deletion.

Q: Why do I receive a copy when I send an email?
A: This is to ensure you have a copy of your sent mail; you may turn this feature off under preferences.

Q: Why won't my other e-mail addresses (e.g., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) work?
A: Webmail is designed to check only InterKan.net mailboxes, including virtual domains. This does not cover aliases (forwards) or boxes on other services or providers.

Q: How come I don't see all the e-mails on my computer / Outlook?
A: Only e-mail ON the mail server can be viewed; any e-mails you've downloaded before to your computer(s) are not accessible from webmail.

Q: Can I import/export my Webmail address book?
A: No, it is only for quick reference while using webmail.

Q: I have found bugs/errors. How do I proceed?
A: Please e-mail IntgerKan.Net's Webmaster with a detailed description of your problem/error.

Q: Does Webmail use or require cookies?
A: Yes, and JavaScript is required as well.

Q: Will using Webmail protect me from getting viruses?
A: No. Regardless of the e-mail program, your computer will become infected if you open a virus-infected attachment. An anti-virus program is the best way to protect your computer from viruses.