How to Upload (FTP) to IKN Web Servers

with FileZilla FTP client

filezillaFileZilla is a free FTP client available at

For FileZilla 2.2.x
Here are basic instructions for setting up FileZilla on Windows.

  1. Open FileZilla. If it doesn’t start out in "Site Manager,” click on the icon to open it.

    filezilla step1
  2. Click “New Site” button and then enter whatever name you like (i.e. <my_site>).
  3. Enter your Host (i.e.
  4. Set the Logon type to “Normal.”
  5. Enter your User (and password if you want).
  6. Click on the “Advanced” button and an “Advanced Site Settings” window will appear.

    filezilla step2
  7. For the “Default remote directory” enter “www/” and click “OK”.
  8. Then click either “Connect” or “Save and Exit” to connect later.