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Form Mailer - Fields


These fields are used to tell PhormMailer what actions to perform. They must contain either a path to a template file or a complete URL and must be formatted as:

<input type="hidden" name="[field_name]" value="[path or url]">

Field NameDescription
_send_email This sends an email using the template specified in the field. Multiple email templates can be specified by ending each field with a different character (e.g., "_send_email1", "_send_email2", "_send_maila", and so on). See Templates for additional information.
_browser_out This displays the template content in the browser. See templates for additional information.
_redirect After the form has been submitted, the browser is redirected to the URL specified in this tag.
_error_path The value of this field should be the path to an error message template. The contents of this template will display the error message if one occurs. See Templates for more information.
_error_url The browser is redirected to this URL if an error occurs.
_multi_separator This value determines what text/character is placed between multiple value fields (see the "m" flag). Defaults to ", ".
_format_decimals This value determines the number of decimal places to display on calculations. Defaults to zero (0).
_attachment To send files through the form, you can put FILE input fields in your form. To specify multiple attachments, add square brackets to the end of the name – “_attachment[]” (without the quotes). Note that submitted files are limited to 2 MB each (10 MB total) and can only the file extensions .JPG, .PDF, .DOC, .RTF, .TXT, .TIF, .XLS, .PPT or .PUB. This field also cannot be required with the "r" flag.
_send_mail_attachment Uses in place of or in conjunction with the above _send_mail field. Attachments will only be sent to these emails, not the general _send_mail entries.