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Form Mailer - Flags


The form mailer has several flags that can be placed on fields and certain field names that can be used to invoke certain actions (such as sending an email or displaying content to a browser).

The flags must be placed at the beginning of the field name, followed by an underscore. If there are no flags for a field, the first character of the field name must be an underscore ("_").

Descriptions for all flags are as follows:

r Denotes the field is required. Any empty field marked with this flag will generate an error.
e Requires the field to contain a properly formatted email address.
d The field may only contain digits (0-9) or a decimal point.
c This flag denotes fields which can contain digits (0-9), a decimal point, or a dollar sign ($).
w The field may only contain word characters (A-Z, 0-9).
p The field may only contain a valid credit card number (validates using a MOD10 check).
Note: This does not guarantee the account is valid, only that the number passes this simple test.
m Used to store multiple values in the same field name. This is especially useful for checkboxes with the same name.

Note: You must place square brackets at the end of this field name in order for multiple values to be stored (i.e. the field name should be something like "m_Services[]").
n Removes any line breaks (any place the user pressed Enter or Return) from the field.
s Removes leading and trailing white space.