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Form Mailer

General • FlagsFields

General Setup

  1. Create your page with a form and set it to post to "/Phorm-bin/mailer.php", for example: <form action="/Phorm-bin/mailer.php" method="post" name="form" id="form">. There is no software is necessary to install on the server.
  2. Next, you'll need to enter your fields within the form, set their flags and define the necessary special fields to determine the Form Mailer's behavior.
  3. After that, you'll need to setup your templates to control the output to the web browser and to control the format of the email messages sent.


Template file names are arbitrary. The file extension is irrelevant to the application. Inside the template, use square brackets ([ and ]) or curly braces ({ and }) to denote placement inside the file or email. Field names between brackets or braces must exactly match the field name on the web form, including capital and lowercase letters and flags. In the case of multiple select fields, you should leave off the additional square brackets; i.e. [m_Services[]] would become [m_Services] in the template file.

For email templates, be sure the first three lines are set up as:

To: <email address or email address field>
From: <email address or email address field>
Subject: <Message Subject>

Templates can also include environment variables such as the IP address (REMOTE_ADDR) or user agent (HTTP_USER_AGENT). To include environment variables, use the following:


Note: Environment variables have been limited to REMOTE_HOST, REMOTE_ADDR, and HTTP_USER_AGENT.

To conduct mathematical calculations using submitted values, place the calculation (using numbers and/or field markers) between either:

"[<" and ">]" OR "{<" and ">}"

Example: {< {rd_Nu mber} / 2 >} would divide the value submitted in rd_Number in half and display the value in place of the marker.

Error templates have only two valid output markers: [%OUT_TITLE] and [%OUT_MSG] (note that the square brackets can also be replaced with curly braces).