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Web-based Software Manuals

for applications offered with InterKan.Net web hosting services

InterKan.Net manuals are designed to give developers and end-users information on the setup and use of our web-based software that come with our hosting services.

These are for legacy customer sites only and are no longer available to be added to existing or new customers

News & Announcements

How to use this web application to display and manage news and/or calendar information for one or more areas on your website; includes designer instructions for customizing the look and layout.

Photo Gallery

Display and manage photos in a searchable gallery organized by categories with full size images and thumbnails, including password protected areas. Includes designer instructions for customizing the look and layout.

Form Mailer

How to set up web-based forms to send/receive information via e-mail. Customize for various uses from brochure requests, sending emails, surveys, or orders for a single product.

User Management

How to administrate logins and permissions (groups) for the web-based applications.

zipDefault Sample Templates, Library Files, and CSS

The base templates, library files, and CSS style sheet used in all the applications mentioned above. Use these as a starting point to customize your application's look.

Free Technical Assistance

Feel free to contact us by phone: (785) 565-0991 or by email.