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Photo Gallery - Templates

Our photo gallery software uses a template system for a universal design and simple integration into any Website. The page template is a standard HTML file containing special markers. A second template is used to design the layout of the gallery listing.

Note: Each marker must be contained between a pair of curly braces (i.e. {HTML_MAIN}) or the generated content will not be displayed.

Photo Gallery & Administration Templates - Files & Markers

Photo Gallery Template – File: /Templates/pb_gallery.htm
Administration Template – File: /Templates/pb_admin.htm

The Front-End template is for displaying photos and categories.
The Administration template is for displaying administration areas.

HTML_MAIN This marker is where the majority of the content will be placed. It should be placed inside a large, flexible region of the HTML document.
NAVIGATION Displays an administrative or gallery navigation menu based on the current location.
HTMLTITLE Display varies with the page being viewed. The text is displayed in the title bar of the browser and the marker is placed between <TITLE> and </TITLE> in the HTML document.
SEARCH Displays the default search bar (horizontal or vertical - specified in the Settings section of the administration software). It will automatically insert all necessary HTML code for a search bar.
INTRO_TEXT Gallery template ONLY. This displays the disclaimer text specified in the settings. No formatting is applied to the text.
LOGIN_LINK Gallery template ONLY. This displays a link to Log In/Out (based on the user’s current status).