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Polling & Survey

A new poll can be added from the Administration page.

  1. Log in to the administration at http://<domain name>/Admin/login/.
  2. Click on Polling / Survey.

To add a new poll:

  1. Click Add New Poll in the navigation menu.
  2. Enter the new poll information.
    1. Question: The question you would like visitors to answer.
    2. Start Date: The day the poll is to begin appearing.
      Make sure the dates do not overlap with any other poll dates.
    3. Expire Date: The day the poll is to conclude (end).
      Make sure the dates do not overlap with any other poll dates.
    4. Public Results: Select whether the results can be viewed by anyone who has already voted.
    5. Responses: The response options to the poll. You must enter at least two. You may enter up to 5 on the first page. If you would like to add additional responses, select Yes for Add More Responses.
  3. Click the Add Poll button (lower left corner of form) .
  4. If you selected Yes to More Responses, repeat step (e) above and click Add Responses button when finished.

To edit an existing poll:

  1. Click the poll question at the bottom half of the page (below the poll form).
    The poll information will then be displayed in the form at the top of the page.
  2. Edit the poll information as per step 2 above.
  3. Click the Update Poll button (lower left corner of form).
Under Poll Results you can view the results of any poll, expire the poll, or temporarily place the poll on hold.

To expire or place the poll on hold (or reactivate a suspended poll):

  1. Click the poll question to view.
  2. Click the action (Expire, Hold, or Activate) you wish to take for the current poll. These links are only displayed if the group to which the user belongs has permission to expire or hold/activate polls. For more on user management and permissions, see User Management.

to delete an expired or invalid poll:

  1. Click the Delete icon (delete) in the poll archive listing next to the poll you wish to remove.