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How to Set Up Outlook 2013

for InterKan.Net POP3 & SMTP email services

For Outlook 2013 (very similar for 2010)
Also see older Outlook Express / Internet Mail instructions.

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Click on “File” from the top menu.

    account settings
  3. Click on “Account Settings” in the upper middle of the page and then on “Accounting Settings…

  4. Click the “New” button.

  5. Select “Manual setup or additional server types” and click “Next >”.

  6. Choose the service "Email Account" and Click “Next >”.

    choose service
  7. Choose the service "POP or IMAP" and Click “Next >”.

    pop imap
  8. Enter all your information as follows then click “More Settings...” button.

    enter account info
  9. Click on the Outgoing Server tab and check "My outgoing server (SMTP) required authentication" then click Advanced tab.

    outgoing server
  10. Recommended advanced incoming and outgoing server settings below. When finished, “OK” button and then “Next >” then “Finish”.

    recomended adv settings